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The reason you hire a professional photographer is two fold. First, a professional photographer will provide an element of professional imagery that cannot be provided by others without the equipment and skills required. Second, a professional photographer is an artist. As such, the professional will photograph with the idea of telling a story through imagery. And equally important, the professional will bring their own personal style and flair that they have developed. That said, the professional's images will stand out through their artistic view.
For several reasons. The most likely reason is if you like our signature style. Equally important, we will provide a professional experience in which we deliver quality imagery with the signature AMP style.
We take into account the time that it takes for taking the images, retouching, and various expenses that go into providing the quality of imagery and products that we offer. Here at AMP, we strive to provide you with only absolute best in all aspects.
AMP is primarily setup as a mobile studio. That said, we will almost always meet the client at a designated location for a photo shoot. That does include the client's workplace when appropriate.
Generally, we only offer discounts if you have already received a flyer/coupon from AMP either in the mail or through email. Otherwise, you can check the discounts page of the AMP site to see if there are any current offers. Prior to Holidays is a good time to check.
AMP does offer copy work of flat artwork. Watercolors, oils, and drawings are all accepted. It is fine if the artwork is framed with glass. Contact us through the Contacts page in order to find out prices. We offer images that are hard to find at our quality range.
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